23 August 2013

21 Weeks, 2 Days: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I'm writing from the hospital and I think I'm mostly done crying. So far my little pups are okay, but my cervix is an asshole. At yesterday's cervix check the ultrasound showed that it had thinned and was starting to dilate. Hence the hospital. Maybe later I'll be able to write more, but right now my brain is on hiatus.

16 August 2013

20 Weeks, 2 Days

Everyone's still plugging right along. We had a good anatomy scan last week--both babies were super cooperative and we got an amazing pic of Baby B's spine. it looks like I'm going to be having cervix checks every two weeks.
HOWEVER . . . this week I've been having some terrible pain that my doctor suspects is GI related. Twice this week I've called the on-call doc near tears because of the pain. Both times it cleared up after some Tums (and last night some Tylenol). I must say I've been entirely unprepared for the bowel issues.