19 July 2012

Cycle Day 15

SURGE! Progesterone starts on Sunday.

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
Loveless - Said the Whale
Countdown - Pulp
Two of Us - The Beatles
When I Grow Up - Garbage
Get You Some - Captain Planet
Super Bon Bon - Soul Coughing
Short Skirt/ Long Jacket - Cake

17 July 2012

Cycle Day 13

I'm currently a little over 7 lbs away from driver license weight. That's pretty exciting. Last week we were on vacation, so no elliptical. But . . . 5 days of running first thing in the morning. I need every day to be a vacation day. I've been using the ovulation test kit since cd11 and I have my progesterone ready to go. Fingers and toes crossed, but definitely not getting my hopes up.

Maggie on Vacation

Crapton of Carp
Go to the Bank - James
Countdown- Pulp
I Don't Wanna Fall in Love - She Wants Revenge
Jaw, Knee, Music - NOFX
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
Same Old Song - The Pietasters
Shaking the Tree - Peter Gabriel

06 July 2012

Cycle Day 2

Yesterday I was up .4 lbs at Weight Watchers. I'm still down 10 lbs since starting, so I'm still a prize winning hog. But still . . . I don't like any gain. After Weight Watchers I talked to one of my nurses at the fertility clinic. She said if I wanted this cycle we could try on our own with a home ovulation kit (like we've been doing), but then supplement with progesterone after ovulation since my luteal phase is short. So I'm going to use up the last of my crinone gel and then switch to prometrium. (I just linked to the manufacturer's websites, but you can just as easily google and get general info). After 14 days if I get a negative pregnancy test, I'll stop the progesterone, start my cycle, and get ready for some injections! But hopefully the progesterone will be enough. I'd really like to not have to go through all that other business again and again.

The Heinrich Maneuver - Interpol
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
Shaking the Tree - Peter Gabriel
Just a Girl - No Doubt
Big Time - David Dallas
Papa Won't Leave You, Henry - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic at the Disco

05 July 2012

Cycle Day 1

Well, here we are. My last med-free cycle before I go back to Bravelle.

Girls and Boys - Blur
Bright Future in Sales - Fountains of Wayne
I Found a Reason - VHS or Beta
Killer Machine - Martin Luther
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Slipping Away - Stabbing Westward
Got the Life - Korn
I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic at the Disco
How to Operate with a Blown Mind - Lo Fidelity Allstars
Countdown - Pulp

03 July 2012

Back in a Funk

Not as much exercising as I'd like these days. And way more eating than I'd like. I've just been so hungry. I haven't been tracking my food or exercise. So I'm in a funk about that too. I'd really like to just sit in a dark room stuffing my face. Not really. That would not make me happy. Nothing sounds good to me.

I also think I'm bloated. Today is CD 25. I've been averaging 26 days, so I'm thinking my off and on headaches and general meh-ness could be signs of my impending period. Which is crappy, because now that I'm ovulating . . . UGH! I was really hoping we wouldn't have to spend a crap ton of money on the shots, monitoring, and insemination.

Friday Josh found my engagement ring. That made me happy. I love my ring, but for a while my fingers were too fat to wear it AND my wedding band. I've been wearing it since Friday. And I guess looking down at it brings some level of happiness. We picked it out together at a small jewelry store in my hometown. It's a triangle cut garnet solitaire in a white gold setting.

Black Math - The White Stripes
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
Same Old Song - The Pietasters
Slipping Away - Stabbing Westward
Something Better - The Pietasters
Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
Maybe You're Coming Down with It - The High Strung
Better Off Dead - Bad Religion