03 July 2012

Back in a Funk

Not as much exercising as I'd like these days. And way more eating than I'd like. I've just been so hungry. I haven't been tracking my food or exercise. So I'm in a funk about that too. I'd really like to just sit in a dark room stuffing my face. Not really. That would not make me happy. Nothing sounds good to me.

I also think I'm bloated. Today is CD 25. I've been averaging 26 days, so I'm thinking my off and on headaches and general meh-ness could be signs of my impending period. Which is crappy, because now that I'm ovulating . . . UGH! I was really hoping we wouldn't have to spend a crap ton of money on the shots, monitoring, and insemination.

Friday Josh found my engagement ring. That made me happy. I love my ring, but for a while my fingers were too fat to wear it AND my wedding band. I've been wearing it since Friday. And I guess looking down at it brings some level of happiness. We picked it out together at a small jewelry store in my hometown. It's a triangle cut garnet solitaire in a white gold setting.

Black Math - The White Stripes
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
Same Old Song - The Pietasters
Slipping Away - Stabbing Westward
Something Better - The Pietasters
Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
Maybe You're Coming Down with It - The High Strung
Better Off Dead - Bad Religion

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