09 August 2012

Cycle Day 1: The Plan

Hello, cramps. I've really enjoyed your presence these past couple days. Yesterday was a super light flow, so the doc's office said to count today as Day One.

Bravelle starts Day Three (Saturday). I will do 1 vial Saturday through Monday. Then 2 vials Tuesday and
Wednesday. Thursday morning I will do bloodwork and an ultrasound. Then Thursday afternoon I'll get my next set of instructions.

Deep cleansing breaths . . .

So I almost fell over DEAD when the pharmacy said the cost of the Bravelle + Novarel was going to be almost $700. Visions of Josh turning to life a stripping and/or prostitution . . . But then the wonderful woman on the phone put me on hold and checked to see if I qualified for some program. And by golly I did. So now my out of pocket Bravelle cost is $100 and the Novarel is $16.98. Bless the people at Avella Specialty Pharmacy. Last time we did this my out of pocket was $300-something. So this doubling thing . . . no good. But now I want to hug everyone at Avella and give them brownies. Is that normal? At least I'm not crying, because that's another way this could have gone. Tears of happiness that such an amazing discount program exists.


We took my officemate to lunch today. This was what my fortune cookie revealed: You cannot put the same shoe on every foot. Try amending your plan.

Way to be supportive, cookie.

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