16 August 2012

Cycle Day 8: Silence of the Pigs

For whatever reason I was feeling pretty defeated this morning. Something about the bloodwork and scan. Then I had to go stop in at work before driving about an hour north to meet someone for an item exchange. While I was waiting for the other person I got to listen to a truck full of piggies scream. It was fairly unpleasant. I wanted to tell them, "It's not my fault. I don't eat you." But they wouldn't have really cared. They just wanted OUT of that truck.
On my way back to work I stopped by my sister's to pick up some peaches. They're sitting on my desk right now and I can smell their deliciousness. I'll probably have one before the day's over.
So anyway. Today's big news: the doc's office called with my bloodwork. My estrogen level is at 127 and my biggest follie is an 11. Apparently the last time we did this my first estrogen level was a 90. So I guess that's promising. I forget what she said about my first follie reading though. So the updated plan is 2 vials daily until Sunday night and then more bloodwork and a scan on Monday morning.

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