20 September 2012

Nothing's Definitive

Today's ultrasound didn't show anything growing outside my uterus, so that's good. The possible gestational sacs (yes plural) are too small to show anything. So I go back in next Thursday to see how things are looking. Based on where I am in my cycle the doctor thought they should be bigger. She also said what looked like gestational sacs could be blood vessels in cross section. So not good news yet, but at least I'm probably not going to have a tube rupture and die.
While we were waiting to go in there something awful was happening. There was a woman wailing in the hallway. I only saw her briefly, but she looked obviously pregnant. Her husband (I'm assuming) was trying to help her walk down the hall. She slumped against the wall. A nurse came and put them in a room. After my ultrasound a doctor was taking a wheelchair to their room. Nothing good could have been happening. My heart goes out to her and I know whatever was happening is obviously devastating. I hope she eventually finds some peace and is surrounded by unconditional love.
I will anxiously await my next ultrasound on Thursday. Hopefully there's some growth. And omg I would love twins!

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