25 September 2012

Waiting for a Phone Call

So I'm at work listening to a sad song play list that I have titled Wallow Away. Sometimes I try to reverse my moods with something more upbeat (Climbing out of the Mire), but sometimes I just want to give in. So there we are.
I woke up around 2:00 am with some light red bleeding and cramping. I put on a pad and went back to bed until 5:00 when the alarm went off. The blood was red and constant, but not heavy. Around 7 am it turned into light brown spotting. On my way to work I called and left a message with the nurses. At 10:50 am the red blood came back. Again, it's not heavy. I'm not filling a pad. But I do have cramping.
So I sit here drinking copious amounts of water and waiting for a phone call. And indulging my sadness with my play list.
If this pregnancy isn't going to work out I'd really like for it to not work out soon, so we can get things moving along for our next attempt.

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