10 January 2013

Cycle Day 1?

This morning as I got ready for work I started feeling sick to my stomach. I noticed some blood when I wiped. And then I started feeling crampy. Eventually, with Josh's influence, I texted my boss to say I wouldn't be in for the morning. Then I went back to bed. I woke up a little before noon and still felt crampy, so I took some hydrocodone. Then I left for work around 12:30 pm. I probably should have taken the hydrocodone earlier, because my first hour at work was sort of hazy and I couldn't remember all my words. But it sure does a number on cramps. Now I'm feeling a little wiped out, but nothing terrible. For one hot moment I was afraid I food poisoned a whole group at work with my crockpot chicken, but the stomach seems to have been related to the cramps I hope.
Also, can we just get this out there . . . I will be sooo glad when I'm not bleeding every few days. Get back on a schedule, uterus!

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