04 January 2013

Health Insurance for Everyone!

We might remember my recent surgical attempt to rid my body of Smeagol the embryo? Yes, good. My Explanation of Benefits (EOB) just came through for that.

The total the hospital and various providers charged to the insurance: $48,961.80
The amount my insurance company paid out to the various providers: $12,295.33
The amount I will have to pay out of pocket: $1,263.94

In a perfect world everyone would have this same (or better!) level of health care. Would an uninsured woman be able to get a D&C for a missed miscarriage? What about laproscopic surgery for a suspected (but not yet confirmed) ectopic pregnancy? I'm thankful to have a job that provides these benefits. Do I wish they covered infertility treatments at the same level as everything else? Absolutely. But I would much rather have this very good medical with infertility at the current level of coverage than sucky medical.

In other news, Smeagol's presence is still evident in my HCG level. Today's beta was 62. I was hoping it might be at zero, but the continued downward trend is good enough. Hopefully next Friday will be the magic day.

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