28 March 2013

Cycle Day 1: The Plan

So today I started my cycle (hence the title of this post). It was supposed to be CD 26. So I wasn't quite prepared. I was wearing white underwear, gray boxers, and a light colored dress. Thankfully I only sacrificed the panties since I don't have time to run home and change today. Ugh. And lest you think I tossed the panties . . . no they're still on only with a bulky complimentary pad from the bathroom. So huzzah! Then on my way to a meeting I stopped at Target for a quick bathroom break and when I left the restroom a woman stopped me to tell me the back of my dress was tucked into the shorts I was wearing underneath. And now I have cramps. Amazing.
So any whowho. I did the call the doctor and I am going to get back on the horse this cycle. Sigh. So starting Saturday night I'm doing 150 of the gonal-f every night through Wednesday. Thursday morning I go in for the blood draw and ultrasound to check on my dear sweet follies.

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