05 March 2013

Cycle Day 3

I'm still waiting to hear officially, but right now it looks like my HSG will be March 15th. They don't normally like to go that far into the cycle, but since we're still actively preventing pregnancy it's okay. I'm looking forward to getting this test done (again) for the information purposes, but not so much for the fun factor. Because it's not fun at all. Of course it's better than the D&C/ectopic surgery, but still not something I want to do all the time.
Weather-wise we're gearing up for what could be a big nothing or the biggest snow of the season or something in between. I was supposed to have a meeting in another county tomorrow, so luckily that was postponed. We do these meetings as potlucks and I had signed up to bring a main dish without any thought as to what I would make. So not only will I not have to slip-slide my way to work if it's terrible, I also won't have to worry about throwing something together food-wise. Win-Win.
At home we're back to counting calories. Huzzah! Time change is this weekend, so starting next week we'll be running again too. Hopefully I can knock off a few pounds before we get back to TTC. I'm back up from my lowest weight by 5 or 6 lbs, but I'm still under where I wanted to be before getting back to it last summer.

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