20 May 2013

7 weeks, 5 days

Today I am pregnant. I don't know the future of this pregnancy, but as of today I have carried these embryos for 7 weeks and 5 days, which is longer than before. Saturday we thought we had lost them, but after a trip to the ER we learned they were still there--appropriately sized and hearts beating away. Since the story of Saturday is a bit on the gory side I've put it after the jump. You've been warned.

Saturday morning I woke up to a slight gush of red blood. It filled the pantyliner I was wearing, so I switched to an actual pad. It was similar to what happened the Sunday before, so I decided to just "take it easy." No reason to call the on-call doc to be told to rest and call back on Monday. The bleeding pretty much stayed light to spotting. We went to the library and bank in the afternoon and then early evening a friend called to see if we wanted to hang out. I figured I could just as easily take it easy on their couch as opposed to mine, so we went over. Nothing too eventful until right before we were going to eat dinner I stood up and felt some blood. I grabbed a pad and went to the bathroom.
The pad I was wearing was beyond full and blood was still gushing. no other way to describe it. I changed my pad, cleaned up the best I could, and left the bathroom. My husband was getting ready to go outside for a cigarette. "We have to leave now." On the way to the hospital I called the paging service, told them I was experiencing heavy bleeding and I was on the way to the hospital. We also texted my sister.
Once we got the medical center we weren't sure where to park. So we just took a spot in a parking garage and started walking. We went the wrong way and wound up by the mental hospital. All the while I could feel more blood and "stuff" making an exit. My husband and I went into the mental hospital hoping there would be someone there to give directions, but there was no one at the desk and no one seemed to be around. I went in the bathroom and made him come with me. When I pulled down my pants there was blood everywhere and a large-ish chunk of something fell onto my panties. I wailed and he left one more time to try to find help. He came back with no result. I cleaned myself up the best I could and we decided to go back to the car and then start back in the opposite (and obviously correct) direction.
After going through security and giving a quick explanation at check-in, we were ushered back for the initial consultation. Something about active bleeding seems to jump you to the front of the line. I wasn't completely sure why we were there. I miscarried and now I was done. What else could they do--except charge us money. But in the back of my mind I thought, there could still be one. One could still be okay.
We were eventually ushered into a room. I traded my bloody pants for a hospital gown. And we mostly sat and waited. Blood was taken, a urine sample was provided, my sister brought me a bag of pants (and snacks) so I could wear something not bloody home. Then the resident doc wheeled in an ultrasound machine and prepped me for a pelvic exam. First she tried to clear away blood with cotton balls, so she could get a view of my cervix. Not pleasant. Then she decided to check my cervix manually. Very not pleasant. Then came the longest transvaginal ultrasound of my life. The only comments she was making were things like, "I'm just trying to get a good view of everything." And "sorry I know this is uncomfortable." So I finally asked, "Are they both gone?" She seemed somewhat surprised I was asking and said, "No, they're still right there. Size looks good. Hearts are beating." What the what?
The head doc came in and spoke to us before we left. She said something similar had happened to her. Then they sent us on our way. I am so grateful for the care we received at the hospital. I am grateful for my sister. And I am especially grateful for my husband--a man who can see a good size chunk of something fall out of my vagina and still talk about how much he loves me.
Yesterday I pretty much just lounged in bed. We went out for dinner later and then back home to bed. This morning I called my OB's office for a followup. They said to "take it easy." Work's okay since I have a desk job. As long as I don't start having period level (or more) bleeding. If I do then I should call in. I have another tv ultrasound scheduled for Friday. Fingers crossed we make it that far without another catastrophe.

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