30 December 2011

Back After a Break

Tuesday morning I ellipticaled to a Charmed episode. Nothing too strenuous I was just trying to get back into the saddle so to speak after a long weekend of no exercise and overindulgence. No scales were involved, because I don't even want to know. I'll probably start weighing myself again next week. Wednesday I also ellipticaled to an episode, but that was because it was Cycle Day 1 and I wasn't up to doing much else.
Wednesday was rough. I wasn't expecting anything other than the start of a new cycle, but even when I expect the worst I expect the best. The 28th is always a hard day for me. While it certainly wasn't unexpected my grandfather's death devastated me. I have trouble letting go.
But one thing I'm letting go (for the time being anyway) . . . fertility treatments! On a medicated cycle I would be starting injections today. Not this time, mes amis. I'm not putting anymore money into it until I've lost the weight. I haven't told my doctor yet. I'm thinking about making that phone call at lunch today. But I won't be doing any of that crap again for at least 3-4 months. Maybe 6 months. Part of me feels very liberated by this. Part of me is thinking What the hell are you doing? You're giving up on maybe 6 months while you try to lose weight? What if you miss your chance? But I'm mostly ignoring that voice.
I checked out Fully Fertile
from the library. I started the yoga on Thursday. I'm going to try to do it every day. I'm reading the book through. It's a 12 week program and it looks like next week will focus on breathing and energy in and out kinds of things. Yesterday I felt really good when I finished with the yoga. Today there was something not quite right. It felt like something was stuck in my chest, so I did a 20 minute elliptical program to get some bugs out. It sort of worked, but there was still something not quite right.
Today I made an appt for an acupuncture consult for next Friday. It's not expressly for fertility. I'd like to get my periods somewhat normalized if I'm going to keep having them every month. Also, maybe it would help with my weight loss efforts. Or maybe my cholesterol and blood pressure. We shall see.

Today's Mix (I'm feeling lazy so there are no videos. I'm the only one reading this anyway.):
1. These Things - She Wants Revenge
2. Maybe You're Coming Down with It - The High Strung
3. Collapsing Cities feat Shy FX - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
4. Killer Machine - Martin Luther
5. Call Me - Blondie

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