02 November 2012

Cycle Day 11 Part 2: Instructions

This morning's estrogen level was 1,502. I'm going to trigger tonight between 9 and 10 pm with 1 cc of Novarel. Tonight is also prescribed sexytime.
Saturday we will be chaste.
Sunday morning Josh will get frisky with the cup at 7:30 am (that early and no lube? but he's a pro by now). Then at 9:00 I show up for my part of this thing.
Monday evening I start progesterone. Starting Tuesday it will be twice a day.
Tuesday: 1/2 cc Novarel booster
Friday: 1/2 cc Novarel booster
Monday (Nov 12th) bloodwork for progesterone and thyroid.
And then we wait . . . .
Ugh so not looking forward to the 3 IM injections! But if this works we'll have an anniversary baby. So in my mind that pretty much guarantees it won't happen, because that would be too perfect.

Also, we're moving ahead with the refinancing. We went with a 30 year loan, so the min payment would be smaller (just in case). This morning I emailed over all the signed paperwork and bank statements and pay stubs. So off we go.

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