02 November 2012

Cycle Day 11: Onward

At today's ultrasound I had one follie at 21, one at 14-something, and more at 10. So we're moving ahead with the trigger shot. The IUI will be on Sunday. I don't have all my instructions yet, but just knowing the general order of things is helpful I guess.
The blood draw this morning was time consuming. Apparently they were short some people, so there was a lobby full of hormones just chomping at the bit. I had a book and I hate bitching about waiting room times, so I kept to myself. But there were some that were just feeding off each other. Sheesh. Was I happy about waiting over half and hour? No. Was there anything I could do? No. So I kept my mouth shut and read my book.
I had my doctor for the scan, so I felt more confident about everything. Mostly. My Wednesday estrogen level was 708, so it will be interesting to see today's. Wednesday and Thursday I dropped down to 75 units of gonal-f, so I still have 2 vials of Bravelle and one unused gonal-f pen. Hopefully I won't need them, but they're there if I do, I guess.

Today was another $44.43, so my running total thus far is $594.08.

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