31 October 2012

Cycle Day 9: Halloween Edition

So at my ultrasound this morning there were quite a few follies, but they hadn't really grown much. We'll see what they say this afternoon after they get my estrogen level back. The blood draw guy said I don't talk much when I go in there. I almost said I don't talk much period, but instead I smiled and told him I'm just not a morning person.
In amazing news, it turns out we do qualify for HARP to refinance our mortgage. We're going to go from 7.357% to 2.875%. It's also going to be a 15 year loan instead of a 30. AND my payments are going to be less than what we're paying now!!!!! And best of all since it's HARP, there's no need for an appraisal. First I won a gift card to the grocery store, now the mortgage, what next? (Hopefully we're not using up all our luck on non-baby things).

Also, here's how we are with the finances for this cycle:
Monday: $60.57
Wednesday: $44.43
So the total so far is: $549.65

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