26 October 2012

Cycle Day 4: TGIF?

Last night marked the beginning of my injections. I picked them up from the pharmacy yesterday and spent $444.65 all together (gonal-f, novarel, and sharps container). It was going to be in the $600s, but apparently there's a discount program for gonal-f. So hooray.
Even though I still have 3 vials of Bravelle left, I started with the gonal-f pen last night. I was curious to see how it would work. It's supposed to be kept refirgerated and it's a pen with a "dial-a-dose" dealy, so yeah. When you prime the pen, a small bit of the meds comes out. My husband and I both thought it smelled bandagey. So that was weird-ish. On the whole it's a slightly different technique, and I'm not sure I like it just yet. With the Bravelle, it's an actual syringe and the plunger depresses MUCH further and it just feels like you've actually done something. But oh boy I'll sure get that feeling when it's time for the trigger shot. :(
We ran again on Wednesday and will go again tonight. I was slower Wednesday, but I think it was due to a combination of feeling like crap and 80 degree temps. Today's high is supposed to be 60, so we won't have that problem again. Still feeling a little jiggly in the butt area, but hopefully we can keep up the running through November and I'll get some muscle tone back. It'll still be under a layer of flab, but still . . .
And of all the things I'm not looking forward to . . . in-law visit on Sunday. Ugh.

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