23 October 2012

Cycle Day 1: Here We Go Again

I actually started my period last night, but since it was after 6 pm, today is DAY ONE. We went running last night. When we got home we took our showers and had dinner. During dinner I felt crampy, but I wasn't sure if it was dehydration. After dinner I went to the bathroom and HELLO! Not just dehydration. We only ran for 10 minutes and walked for 25. I felt pretty good for the 10 minutes and just a little jiggly. I'm still under the goal weight for going back to treatment, so that's good.
I knew this was coming--and not just from the days on the calendar. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling so ridiculously low. Living seemed like an insurmountable burden. But not in a dangerously close to suicide way. It was more how can I possibly take another step? How can I do anything other than lie under the covers in my bed? I did feel a bit better after our run, but I figured it was either period time or I was pregnant (ha!). We did have a few days of unprotected sexytimes around ovulation, but  . . . right.
So here we are. We still haven't done the karyotyping, but I  think maybe that'll be tomorrow. I have been taking my levothyroxine every day for nearly 3 weeks now. I go for the followup bloodwork November 12th.
Another thing we've decided to focus on--refinancing our mortgage. Fingers crossed that we can do it.

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