02 October 2012

Some Things

  1. My doctor doesn't believe in taking time off after a pregnancy loss. She thinks I might just sit around and cry and dwell on things. Fuck her. I'm going to Medieval Times. There's no crying at Medieval Times. Or the Lazy River at the hotel pool!
  2. The insurance company requires pre-auth on all genetic testing. Hey, Tea Partiers, this isn't Obamacare. The government's not deciding what kind of medical care I can receive. This is the SOP of insurance companies, because for some reason the insurance companies get to decide what level of care patients receive. Apparently they know better than the doctors.
  3. Apparently in the authorization letter the insurance company faxed my doctor's office they have given the authorization to test, but they're not guaranteeing that they'll pay for the test. WTF insurance company? Either you're paying or you're not, because I'm sure as hell not paying out of pocket for genetic testing.
  4. My TSH level is higher than the doctor likes, so I'm going to start thyroid medication. Some internet posters feel thyroid meds are magical and I should be able to get pregnant with a million babies once I start meds. Looking forward to that.
  5. My parents called last night to say they want to help pay for part of last cycle's meds. Forget all the bad things I've ever said about them. Well, maybe not all . . . .
  6. We went running after work yesterday. First time in about 1.5 months. More jiggling than I remember. I've only gained about 1-2 lbs since stopping running, but apparently it's all fat!

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