06 November 2012

Cycle Day 15: Election Day

Sunday's IUI happened. Post-wash sperm count was 7 million with 94% motility. Last time the sperm count was 13 million. But I was expecting lower, because we were a bit late with our sexytime. Friday night didn't work out sso well, so we postponed to Saturday morning. The doctor said they want to see anywhere from5 million to 10 million, so that's where we were. He also said I had a cyst on my vaginal wall, but it wasn't anything to worry about.
Irritatingly, a couple had their 4 year old daughter with them. It was distracting to say the least. She was pretty well behaved, but come on . . .

Today is Election Day. We voted first thing, so we didn't really have any issues. Tonight we're going out for Korean food and then Josh will be glued to the tv as the results come in.

I also had a dentist appointment today. I'll be getting a cavity filled next Tuesday. Ugh!

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