12 December 2012

I'm So Exhausted

Firsties: Whenever I find something helpful I want it to be the same helpful for everyone. So here's yesterday's website find: The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. So so so so much good information. Most of the sites with info on ectopics are sooooo clinical. This felt like someone wrapping a warm blanket around my shoulders and handing me a warm cup of something comforting (tea, hot chocolate, coffee, rum).

Yesterday right before I left work the doctor's office called with my blood results. (Ah, the power of STAT). 679. We're definitely decreasing, so there are no worries about an errant embryo still clinging on. Phew. My next check will be next Wednesday before I go for my post-op check. Two Three things about post-op: 1. I am currently itchy as all get out at my incisions and 2. I'm wearing real pants for the first time since last Tuesday. They aren't properly buttoned, but they're on. So that feels like an accomplishment. 3. When I woke up this morning I felt pretty rested, but now I'm ready for a nap. I'm looking forward to getting some kind of energy level back. That would be amazing.

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