28 December 2012

Tylenol Just Won't Cut It

Another trip to the lab this morning. It wasn't crowded at all--in and out in record time. Today's value is: 438 Next lab work is scheduled for next Friday! Huzzah.

Last night my bleeding increased to heavy bleeding. So that's good since it most likely means the HCG level is still in decline. But not so good? Cramps! Normally I load up on on advil or motrin (whatever's handy), but those are currently on the forbidden list. They did say tylenol is okay, but that didn't actually do anything for me. So last night I broke out the ole heating pad. It's the one I used ever since my first cramps started. It looks very 1970s, but I don't know for sure how old it is. It has colors like mustard yellow and turquoise and it's a paisley pattern. I've been using it since the early 90s. A bit of menstrual cramp nostalgia right there. But of course every other time I've relied on the magic of the heating pad I've also been on copious amounts of ibuprofen. At one pint last night I turned off the heating pad. Apparently a mistake, because I woke up later and needed it again. But the good news is I've been told I can take my hydrocodone that's leftover from my surgery if my cramps get bad again. Sweet!

The roads are greatly improved after Wednesday's weather. HOWEVER, we could get 1-3 inches tonight. Ugh.

And another thing. Today is the 10th anniversary of my grandfather's death. My eyes still well up with tears every time I think about it. In fact (I wasn't sure of the exact year until my uncle posted it on Facebook today), but it was the reason I didn't want my parents to reschedule Christmas this year. We rescheduled Christmas in 2002, because my grandfather wasn't doing well. He was having back pain and they wound up calling a squad to take him to the hospital. Three days later he died. He had cancer and wasn't going to live much longer anyway, but it just felt too awful to reschedule Christmas because of my dad's influenza and developing pneumonia. Irrationally, in the back of my mind I thought the same thing could happen. We almost lost my dad in March and I didn't want to chance it this week. Superstitious? YES!!!!!!

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