19 December 2012


This morning I stopped by the lab for another HCG level. Hopefully, it has continued to decrease. It took me longer than necessary to get there, because I missed the turn. I was heading straight to work. Ugh. So while I waited in the lobby I worked on my niece's stocking. Not sure I'll get it done by Christmas, but I'll try. I took a long break from it.
Tomorrow is my post-op appointment. My thyroid level is where they want it, so no more checking for about another 6 months. I took the surgical tape off my incisions this morning. I think everything's still in place. If I'm feeling brave tomorrow I might mention wanting to get a second opinion from the Cleveland Clinic. If I'm not feeling especially brave, I'll just ask my question about whether or not I should have another HSG before we get back to trying.
Saw this article this morning and it made me tear up a bit and appreciate the Jackmans a little bit more:
Hugh Jackman on Grieving After His Wife's Miscarriages

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