21 December 2012

Take that, Errant Embryo!

This morning I had another blood draw for an official pre-treatment HCG level. Then I went to the doctor's office to get my methotrexate injections (yes, plural). One in each hip. Ugh. Monday I go back for another HCG. And then next Friday. The nurse said next Friday is the important one. From that one they'll know if it's decreasing enough. So here's hoping today marks the beginning of the end of Smeagol.
In other apocalyptic news, it's snowing! Gross! And it could snow on Monday. Thumbs down!

Update: My hcg level this morning (pre-injection) was 944. So there was already some decrease, so hopefully with the methotrexate there will be a continues decrease and no more of this back and forth.

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