22 May 2012


6.8 more pounds to go.

The Wii continues to tell me I'm overweight. It still sounds disapproving, but that's okay. Much better than, "That's obese!" Yesterday I received a lot of compliments on a shirt I received secondhand from my mom. I think it did look good. I took some pants she didn't want anymore, but I think it'll take me another 5 pounds before I can fit them. Today I'm wearing a skirt I don't think I've worn since my nephew's baby shower (over 10 years ago). There's something to be said for not getting rid of my old clothes. I'm starting to fit them again and it's nice to have some variety in the ole wardrobe. Less depressing, I think.

This morning's mix:
What You Were  - The Drums

Your Woman - White Town

Time to Dance - Panic at the Disco

Two of Us - The Beatles

Girlfriend - Matthew Sweet

Movin' on Up - The Pietasters

Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle - Cake

Kennedy - Kill Hannah

Sugarcane - Shaggy

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