11 May 2012

This Old Dog's Hips . . .

Next month my dog will be 12.5 years old. I've been noticing some stiffness for the past few months, but nothing too bad until last night. She had some trouble getting up when it was time for the evening walk. And this morning I had to help her up, because her back legs couldn't get traction on the wood floors. It wasn't much better when it was time for her 2nd morning walk. I thought about bringing her to work with me so I could take her to see the vet, but I decided against it. I did call the vet and we decided to try some glucosamine chews. If she seems worse over the weekend I'll take her to the vet next week. Up until last night she has seemed younger than her 12 years--even with her cloudy eyes.

This photo is from a few years ago (2008?). She's a lot more gray in the face now, but this is still how I picture her. I'm hoping this is just arthritis and not something more serious.

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