01 May 2012

Today was a good music day during the elliptical. Pulp, a double dose of Panic at the Disco (I think that particular album is perfection), The Bloodhound Gang, and Lonely Island . . . Fantastic.

The home ovulation kit hasn't shown any sort of LH surge yet. Since doing this every month I've never gotten a 2nd line dark enough to indicate a good ovulation, but I've at least shown a surge. Yesterday was Day 14. I guess this morning was darker, but the whole thing is a little late this month.

I'm down 10 pounds since January. That means I'm 50% closer to my goal before restarting fertility treatment. If things keep going like they are I should be close toward the end of July. Also, I'm almost back at my wedding weight, which while not ideal is something I haven't seen for 5 years.

1. Countdown - Pulp
2. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage - Panic at the Disco
3. London Beckoned Songs about Money Written by Machines - Panic at the Disco
4. Stampeding Elephants - Paul White
5. What You Were - The Drums
6. Dammit - Blink-182
7. Money - The Drums
8. Get You Some - Captain Planet
9. I Hope You Die - Bloodhound Gang
10. I'm on a Boat - Lonely Island

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