08 May 2012


Getting so close to leaving the obese BMI and entering overweight range. I'm sure I'm not the first person to get excited about being called overweight, but it definitely seems strange.

Last weekend we went to a resort in PA. I was expecting a miserable time, because it was a party hosted by Josh's former roommate. And it was off and on not so fun. But I was planning on just having stories to tell. (People drinking 40s, gun range . . . ) Since the party was still raging when we were ready to sleep, Josh suggested we sleep in my car. So we did. It was very uncomfortable. BUT it encouraged us to wake up at sunrise. Part of the resort is like a zoo--lions, and tiger, and bears! zebras, bison, mountain goats, a piece of the Berlin Wall!) We were the only people walking around at 6:30 am. It was very misty and the whole experience was pretty magical. It was completely worth the trip.

Today's mix:

Heart in Your Heartbreak - Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Basket Case - Green Day
Dammit - Blink-182
London Beckoned Songs about Money Written by Machines - Panic at the Disco
Call Me - Blondie
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
I Hope You Die - The Bloodhound Gang
These Things - She Wants Revenge

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