16 May 2012

The Old Dog's Hips Are Just Fine

By Sunday evening it became clear that the dog's issues were not joint related. She was apparently just extremely ill. I'm really wishing I had taken her to the vet on Friday. At this point I don't see a reason unless her appetite doesn't fully come back or she gets worse.
The weight loss continues. I'm really addicted to this whole not being obese thing. I'm wearing clothes that have been taking up room in my closet for the past couple years. And it's nice. I'm also feeling better in general--not as worn down. I just ordered a new skirt and sweater on Monday--both larges. Not too shabby. I'm thinking the skirt might not be a perfect fit just yet, but soon . . .
I am so addicted to ordering from B. Moss. I loved shopping there when it was an actual store and I recently discovered them online. Today's delivery will include this skirt and this cardigan. How much do I love 3/4 sleeves? (A LOT). This past weekend I accompanied a college classmate to an event his wife didn't want to travel to and I wore this dress. A little different for me since most of my clothing is black or neutral with the occasional pastel thrown in. On my birthday I wore this dress to an author talk and I've worn it since then a couple times to work with a beige cardigan. But now that I have the white one, I'll be trying those together.
Also Monday I started my cycle. It was a little unexpected since I "ovulated" late last time. And by ovulated I mean I had the highest LH surge of my cycle, which according to the kit isn't actually ovulation level, but hey I'll take what I can get. Since January my cycles have ranged from 25-30 days--mostly alternating between 27 and 30. Half looking forward to losing 8 more pounds and getting back on that fertility treatment horse.

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